It’s Off to the Races!

While hot weather in Sydney brings beach vacations and swim suits, it also marks the start of racing season at the Randwick Racecourse. Get ready to dress to impress, drink champagne, and mingle with Australia's finest.

While it's difficult to understand the racecourse without experiencing it, here's what you can expect. There are bars and outdoor tables, merry-go-rounds, free flutes of champagne, and people dressed head to toe in the most fashionable gear you can imagine.

Pro-tip: It’s fancier than you think, so make sure to dress up.

For the guys and girls feeling lucky, there is a huge indoor station where you can place your bets on your favorite horse. Even better, many of the events are hosted by champagne brands, so there will be plenty to go around. Girls, if you are lucky, may receive a complimentary gift basket from an Aussie in a tux, champagne bottle included.

Aside from all the gambling, drinking, and fun outfits, the horse races are an awesome way to socialize and meet some of the locals. The races are a place the Aussies frequent, so even if you don’t bump into them on a night out, you’re sure to meet a ton of locals at the tracks.

While you don't need to make visits to the tracks a weekly event, it is definitely worth making a visit at least once or twice. If you have the time, try to head down to Melbourne for the Cup as well. After all, who doesn’t like dressing up and drinking in the sun?