Guide to Prague's Top Tourist Attractions

Whether you are in Prague for a weekend, a week or even a semester, you should make time to visit the following sites:

John Lennon Peace Wall

If you’ve ever stalked anyone’s study abroad abroad pictures from Prague, then you have definitely seen the Lennon Wall. It’s a wall that has been continually covered in graffiti since the 1980s, after John Lennon was murdered. Czech’s would write Beatles lyrics and other messages on the wall when Western pop songs were banned by the Communist Authorities. This became a very popular activity and 25 years later, the wall has turned into a huge tourist attraction and a great place to take pictures. You can even bring a marker or spray paint and write on the wall yourself. The wall is a lot smaller than you may think, but it’s cool to see how the graffiti changes daily.

Charles Bridge

This bridge is super old, like 1357 years old. It was constructed when King Charles IV was in power (hence the name) and it connects Old Town to the area of the Prague Castle. It is lined with various statues, a lot of which are of gothic looking saints. The bridge is pretty wide, so it is lined with street performers and vendors selling various items. It offers a stunning view of the river and you can watch all of the paddle boats go by. 

Prague Astronomical Clock

This clock was installed in 1410, making it the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. It is the only lasting part of a huge town hall that was destroyed during World War 2. Every hour on the hour, the clock goes off and thousands of people surround it to watch the bell go off. You can also go up in the tower to get the most amazing view of the city.


Old Town Square

This is the main downtown area of Prague where the Astronomical Clock is located. It’s a big open square filled with street performers, food vendors and restaurants. It’s a very touristy area so it is likely that you will be surrounded by a ton of other tourists. The best street food is the Trdlnek which is a hollow pastry that can be filled with all types of deliciousness, such as Nutella. Old Town Square is definitely the place to take friends when they come to visit.

Prague Castle

This castle is now where the president of the Czech Republic lives, but starting in the 9th century, it was solely a place for kings and emperors. It’s a huge cluster of buildings surrounded by a bunch of different gardens. It’s big and beautiful and apparently one of the Indiana Jones movies was filmed there. The architecture of each building is different, pretty much representing every architectural style of the last millennium. It is amazing to see how much detail was put into every aspect of this beautiful castle.

Petrin Tower

The Petrin Tower kind of looks like a miniature Eiffel Tower. It was originally used as an observation tower as well as a transmission tower but now it serves as a tourist attraction with the best view of the city. It sits on top of Petrin hill and it’s about a 30 minute walk from the flat land of the city. Most people take a bus or tram up, especially in the winter when the paths can be slippery.