Where to Brunch in Prague

If you aren't in the mood to try traditional Czech goulash and dumplings on your next trip to Prague, have no fear as Prague is home to a number of delicious brunch spots (where you are likely to be familiar with at least a few of the dishes on the menu). Each of the following restaurants has been taste-tested and promises photo-ops that will make your Instagram followers go crazy. Happy brunching!


Radost FX

While Radost is best known for its club, insiders know that the spot's hidden gem is its fabulous vegetarian weekend brunch. Radost offers a wide selection of omelets, waffles, egg sandwiches, French toast and homemade muesli. If you are a tea drinker, be sure to order either the Moroccan or ginger tea; both come served in a large glass teacup filled with fresh ingredients. While you are at Radost, head downstairs to sneak a peek at the club where Rhianna filmed the music video for “Please Don’t Stop the Music”.





There are two bakeshop locations, one across the River in New Town and one near Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter. Both offer a fabulous breakfast and brunch every day until 3 p.m. Their pastries are absolutely incredible and include everything from cakes and brownies to croissants and danishes. The coffee is also excellent and they even have soy milk which is a rarity in Prague. This is not the place to take a large group because the seating is limited, but you can always take your food to-go and eat outside if the weather permits.


Café Savoy

If you only have time for one brunch in Prague, then this is the place to go. Make a reservation if you are coming on the weekend with a large group because they get very busy. Their apple strudel is light and flaky. Pair it with a hot chocolate for a sweet brunch or split it with your whole table as an appetizer. If you really have a sweet tooth, you must try the French toast, which is said to be one of the best in Europe. If you are looking for a protein based brunch, check out any of their omelets or poached eggs. All of their breakfasts come with a bread basket, which is a great way to sample the bakery’s creations without committing to one choice.



If you are traveling to Prague and are craving a traditional American brunch, then this is the restaurant for you. Globe was opened by three NYU alumni who brought all of the American brunch staples with them to Prague. Popular menu items include omelettes, pancakes and iced coffee. They even serve egg whites. While this is definitely not the most authentic Czech meal, it’s a nice taste of home for Americans in Europe.