How to Stay Fit in Prague (AKA:The City of Fried Cheese, Beer and Nutella Trdelniks)

Between the fried cheese, trdelniks and goulash, Czech food is not exactly light. In order to avoid the foreign fifteen while in Prague, you have to keep active. While our favorite way to burn calories in Prague is to explore the city by walking, here are a few other workout options that we love: 



World Class Fitness- There are two locations of this large fitness center, one in Prague 1 and one in Prague 8. They offer a variety of fitness classes including pilates, kick boxing and cycling. While their spin classes may not be the equivalent of Soul Cycle or FlyWheel, and there are no candles or stylish workout gear, both spots should help you to burn a good amount of calories.


Holme’s Gym- This luxury gym has two locations and offers personal training and group classes including yoga, pilates and zumba. This gym also has a pool and spa. If you want to try it out for the day or for a week, it will only set you back 350 or 900 crowns respectively.  



An easy and affordable way to stay fit is to run along some of Prague’s scenic trails. Take a quick run around the river or check out one of the city’s many scenic parks. Parks take up approximately ⅕ of the city, so there is a lot of green space where you can venture in order to enjoy a run or jog. Some of our favorite parks include Letna or Strovmoka Park.



Biking is another fun way to see Prague while burning calories. The city has about 130 kilometers of shared biking trails. There are also stores where you can rent bikes for the day.