A Tour Even the Kids Will Love: Go Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter

Just a few miles outside of London is the Warner Bros. studio where the real magic behind Harry Potter took place. By visiting the studio, you have the opportunity to see and learn about every prop, costume and set you marveled at as a kid (or still every time ABC Family runs a Harry Potter weekend marathon). While the set may be a bit out of the way, a visit here is an absolute must. 

Don't fear being the only twenty-something year-old in a crowd of adolescents, as teens and people in their mid twenties are the definite majority here. The tour takes about three hours, but you get to go at your own pace. If you want to stare into Dumbledore’s office or at photos of Daniel Radcliffe for hours at a time, no one is stopping you. In addition to seeing the props, you get to learn about the tricks that went into bringing the magic to the screen. 

Break your tour into two parts by enjoying lunch at the cafe. For a studio cafe, they have A+ food. Go for the portobello burger and don’t forget to order a cup of Butter Beer to go with it. There’s no shortage of embarrassing photo opportunities here. Photo ops include flying and running into the 9 and 3/4 platform. Do your inner-child a favor and give in to the goofiness.  




How to get there: public transportation is your best bet. Take the tube to Waterford Junction Station and then take the bus from there to the studio.