How to Survive Your First Dublin Pub Crawl

Visiting or studying abroad in what some call the “drunk capital of Europe” definitely has its perks. Some of which include having the ability to drink a pint with every meal, the option of going out any night of the week without judgment, and most notably the seemingly endless number of traditional Irish pubs at your disposal-just to name a few. Odds are likely that at some point during your semester or visit to Dublin, you’ll set off on an authentic Dublin pub-crawl. Here are a few pointers to make sure that you make the most of your Dublin adventure:


Make a Plan

Whether you use an official website or agency for a guided tour or decide to just go for it with your crew, it’s a good idea to make some sort of plan. Dublin is chock full of more pubs than you can imagine, so if you just wing it completely (especially if you are just visiting) you could either end up getting lost, or missing out on some great deals. If you decide to go for the guided tour, the Dublin City Pub Crawl has great deals on drink specials and free food throughout the night.


Pick your Vibe

As you probably already know, Dublin has hundreds of pubs that line the streets of the city center. There are dozens of different types of pubs, so it’s important to think about what kind of vibe you are looking for before you start your crawl. If you are looking to explore all the touristy spots, it can’t hurt to start with Temple Bar. Although the drinks are overpriced, no one can blame you for wanting to hit up Dublin’s most popular bar. If you are looking to go to more authentic Irish pubs with live music, O’Donoghues, Sweeny’s Bar, and Porterhouse Central are all great options. Lastly, if you want to visit some of the pubs where Ireland’s great literary geniuses sought inspiration, The Bleeding Horse, The Brazen Head, Davy Byrne’s, and The Duke won’t disappoint.




Go with a Crew

Whether you are studying at Trinity or UCD for a semester or are just visiting Dublin for the weekend, it’s important to make sure you have a crew to pub crawl with. Old friends, new friends, random people that you just met in your program—it doesn’t matter. Just make sure that you find a group of people who enjoy a good time and are looking forward to discovering some new spots around the city. A pint always tastes better when it’s shared in good company!





Talk to the Locals

While it’s important to make sure that you head off on your journey with a group of friends by your side, it is equally important to do your best to meet some of the local people. Unless you only go to Temple Bar (which is admittedly almost exclusively tourists) you are bound to be in the same pub as some Irish folk. The Irish are some of the most welcoming and friendly in the world, they love to share a drink and a laugh, and no one will be better equipped to tell you which pub should be your next stop!