Where to go out in Prague

Prague is well-known for its nightlife and is filled with popular and fun clubs and bars. Be sure to explore and make your way to multiple bars and clubs during your stay in Prague. Also, if you're going out with a big group, stop in at a bar for a few rounds of drinks before making your way over to your club of choice. While you should be sure to explore and find the spots that appeal most to you, here are a few clubs and bars that you don't want to miss:



This is a really cool underground bar that is made up of a bunch of rooms and sections. Drinks here are cheap, and the club's location is very convenient. If you don't want to spend your whole night here, this can be a really fun place to go to pregame, especially on Friday nights before Lucerna. Know before you go: the cell service here is basically non-existent. 


Radost FX

Radost is a vegetarian restaurant by day, and a club by night. It’s probably one of the most well-known clubs in Prague, because Rihanna's “Please Don’t Stop The Music” music video was filmed there (prepare yourselves to hear this song regularly at Radost). The décor is really awesome and the food is delicious. 



This is just about everyone's favorite club in Prague. Every Friday is 80’s / 90’s night, which means that music videos are played on a huge screen behind the dance floor. If you love the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and old school Britney, then this is the place for you. The location of the club is also pretty central and there’s an amazing fried cheese cart parked right outside.


Karlovy Lazne 

While many find this spot to be overrated, the concept of it is undoubtedly cool. There are five floors that make up the club, and each has a different genre of music. There is an ice bar on the bottom floor which is worth checking out.


Retro is always a fun spot to visit on Wednesday nights. It’s where you’re most likely to see familiar faces from America and the club offers cheap drinks and fun music to dance to.



Roxy is a music club where tons of events are hosted. This is the place to go on Monday nights. It looks like it is just a giant warehouse, but there’s a pretty big dance floor and the music is always on point.



On Tuesday nights, study abroad programs plan to visit the same clubs in Prague, dressed in a theme-specific attire. This is a great opportunity to meet other visitors and to check out local clubs that you might not otherwise make it to.