How to Spend a Day in Shoreditch

One of the best things about London is that with a quick tube ride, you can find yourself in an area that seems as if it is in an entirely different city. When you find yourself ready to check out something a bit different than London's iconic West End, then it's time to take a trip to Shoreditch. The best time to discover this incredible neighborhood is on the weekends, when you can explore all of the markets. Here are a few Shoreditch must-do's that you won't want to miss out on:


Box Park

Right next to Shoreditch High Station is this new shopping center that has been created entirely out of storage crates. There is great shopping down stairs and even better food upstairs (definitely hit up the Korean BBQ place. It will change your life).

Brick Lane Market

While you don't want to miss out on this market, it is only open on Sundays, so plan accordingly. Vendors here sell everything from fruits and vegetables to antiques and clothing. 


There is no shortage of shops in Shoreditch. Expect the stores here to sell trendy items, many of which are vintage or vintage-style.

Cafés and Sweet Shops

Expect to run into a new coffee shop every few steps you take. These spots are a perfect place to go if you want to get some work done, or if you are meeting up with a friend. The coffee in this part of London is delicious. Seriously. If you’re a chocolate fan, then you have to go to Dark Sugars. They have every kind of chocolate you could ever imagine and it is all hand made. Pair that with a nice cup of their homemade hot chocolate and you’ll die in a sugary heaven.

Bars and Restaurants

No trip to Shoreditch is complete with a visit to Cereal Killer Café. If you don't know what this is (do you live in a box?), it's basically a cereal-lover's heaven. Also, be sure to check out Bull in a China Shop