Your guide to St. Andrews

Are you planning on studying abroad at St. Andrews? Here's what you should expect:



As a student at St Andrews, you will probably have between four and eight hours of class per week. St Andrews students are largely responsible for controlling their own time to make sure to finish readings and coursework. 


St Andrews students are always busy filling their time with campus activities- most students participate in sports. During “Fresher’s Week” (orientation), sports teams offer “give it a go” days, where students have the chance to try any sport they desire, in addition to meeting the coach and the team. One need not be a talented athlete to join the fun athletic camaraderie, as most teams are very welcoming. Since St Andrews is a walking campus, walking to the gym can take up to thirty minutes depending one where students live. The best part of sports is that teams go out together on Wednesdays in order to facilitate bonding.


Another highly populated spot at St Andrews is the library. A screen toward the left of the library’s entrance informs students of how many people are in the library. St Andrews students spend a lot of time in the library because students are largely not expected to buy books, and most readings are accessible either online or in print in the library.


When in need of a “pick me up” after a day filled with activities and reading, St Andrews students frequent Cottage Kitchen, which serves the best fresh tea in adorable white tea pots. If the situation calls for coffee, St Andrews students can be found drinking Americanos at North Point- the same place William and Kate met for coffee! Finally, when in need of sugar, students go to Janetta’s Ice Cream. This ice cream parlour offers the most delicious soft serve ice cream- along with a variety of flavours.


While St Andrews students may focus on their academic or athletic goals, a variety of other organizations meet in the afternoon. The clubs range from the debate society to the wine and cheese society.


If returning to a “catered” dorm, students must be prepared to eat an early dinner. Food is only served from 5:45 to 6:45. These early dinners just mean that nights out on the town can start faster. If going out for drinks in St Andrews after a long day, try the Vic, the Adamson, or Whey Pat… and be prepared, it is typical to go out Tuesdays through Fridays.