6 Things You Need to Do on Your Next Trip to Amsterdam

Whether you are going to spend a few days, a few weeks or a even an entire semester in Amsterdam, you are bound to have a fun and excitement-filled trip. No matter how long you intend to stay in the city, a perfect way to get acclimated and see the city's greatest sites in a short amount of time is by going on Sandman’s New Europe tour. This absolutely free tour takes its audience all around the city by foot, pointing out key attractions. Whether or not you take our advice and partake in the tour, don't leave Amsterdam without checking out the following spots:


Anne Frank’s House 

When visiting the Anne Frank House, you will have the opportunity to go inside of the "Secret Annex" where Anne Frank, her Jewish family and others hid for multiple years during the Holocaust. The Annex is located in the back of what used Otto Frank’s warehouse, where the family hid for two years, before they were taken concentration camps in 1944. Otto Frank was the only survivor of the eight people who inhabited the Annex. The Annex is preserved and is a common tourist attraction. Make sure to either reserve tickets in advance or plan to wait in a long line (1.5-3 hours) to enter the Museum.

Red Light District 

If you weren't aware, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. Walk the streets of the Red Light District if you are interested in seeing what goes on in the area. Also, go to the Museum of Prostitution to read stories about individuals who work as prostitutes.


This recently reopened museum is designed to make the room light and airy. The museum has thousands of artifacts in storage, and it seeks to display an array of art from every time period and as many places as possible. Many cultures shaped and continue to influence the Netherlands, and so the museum attempts to do justice to the rich history of the Netherlands. By the way, the "I Amsterdam" sign that you probably want to take a picture posing with is located behind this museum. 

Coffee Shops

Unlike American Coffee Shops which sell coffee, those in Amsterdam actually sell various types of marijuana. Whether or not you are interesting in smoking, be sure to check out a coffee shop while in the city in order to experience a vital aspect of Amsterdam's culture. A few favorite coffee shops include Mellow Yellow, The Bulldog and Barney's

Van Gogh Museum

This museum has the largest collection of Van Gogh’s artwork in the entire world. Don't expect to see Van Gogh’s Starry Night there, as it is actually in New York. 

Canal Cruises

Often dubbed “the Venice of the North,” the Netherlands is a city based around a canal. Many companies offer cruises through the canal, and these cruises inform visitors about how the canal has shaped Amsterdam.