How to Spend a Day in Athens, Greece

If you're planning on visiting Greece, either for a beach vacation or a touristy excursion, then you need to fit in a visit to country's capital, Athens. Many of those Greek landmarks that you've learned about since elementary school, like the Acropolis, Parthenon and Agora, are in Athens, so you definitely have a lot of site-seeing ahead of you.

After exploring these touristy sites, take a walk around Plaka, a cute area filled with shops and cafes. After the endless alleys of stores, you’ll end up in the center of Plaka, where there is a gorgeous market with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to smell the strawberries when you walk through the large open area.

Brettos Bar, Athens

At night, you should check out Brettos Bar, located in Plaka. It’s small and doesn’t have the biggest dance scene, but the bar is really cool and has an awesome vibe with bright and colorful bottles on every shelf.

There are cafés everywhere throughout Plaka, so there’s no issue finding a good restaurant. Wherever you go, you must order a Greek salad (duh). Greek salads in Greece are not even comparable to the American knock-offs. So, when in Athens, site-see, shop and eat (Greek Salads). 

Greek Salad, Athens