Move your workout outdoors: Three Parks in Paris where you can (and should) go to run

With culture oozing out of every café, brasserie and little shop, a walk along the streets of Paris can make you feel like a glamorous movie star. Other times, living amongst the cramped streets and tight quarters of Paris can make you feel like an animal trapped in a cage. Sometimes, you just need to break out and get a breath of fresh air, away from the pervading stench of cigarette smoke.

Paris has more than its fair share of parks (if you want to get technical, over 400). whether you’re just looking for green space, a place to run with a gorgeous view, or a chance to join the growing cycling trend, there is a perfect Parisian park for you. Here are our favorites:


1) Jardin du Luxembourg

2 Rue Auguste Comte 75006

This park is centered around one big pond. Surrounding it, you can find a palace (the Palais du Luxembourg) and a museum (the Musée du Luxembourg). As you take a stroll through the park, you’ll find trees, that seem to be palm trees, along with statues and vases.

Metro Stops: St. Sulpice or Saint-Placide (4), Rennes or Notre Dame des Champs (12)

Jardin des Luxembourg

2) Jardin des Tuileries

113 Rue de Rivoli 75001

Being the front yard of the Louvre art museum, Jardin des Tuileries is definitely the most popular park in Paris. It’s a sought out location for a workout if you’re looking for a long, flat run and some great people watching. Or if you’re feeling less ambitious, get lost in the tall green hedges that the park is well known for.

Metro: Tuileries (1)

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

3) Parc Montsouris

2 Rue Gazan 75014 Paris

Right across the street from the main entrance of Cité Universitaire, you’ll find this London-inspired park. The park is a favorite for students and especially for kids. In fact, you’ll find horseback rides, playgrounds, and a children’s theater on your walk through the park. This is a popular spot for joggers.

The closest stop is RER: Cité Universitaire (B)

You can also take: Metro: Porte d’Orleans (4)