Why The Shuk Israeli Great

Believe it or not, if you spend enough time in Israel then you might get tired of shawarma and falafel. If you've reached that point, then it's time to venture over to Carmel Market (Shuk Hacarmel), Tel Aviv’s incredible shuk. Is there anything better than streets filled with candy and gummies? We don't think so. Grab a plastic glove and throw all your favorite sweets into a baggie (we recommend the oversized watermelon candy). 

Not only does the shuk have more candy than you could ever imagine, but it is home to stands that sell various gift items. Here are a few favorites:

Tel Aviv, Israel; Shuk; Candy



Tel Aviv, Israel; Israeli Chocolate Sauce

Israeli Chocolate Sauce:

While usually consumed at breakfast, this chocolate spread is used at every meal and is spread on top of just about everything. Think nutella on steroids. For your chocolate-loving friends in America, this is a perfect gift!

Dried Fruit/Nuts:

Fruit and nuts are sold in abundance at the shuk and are a perfect gift to bring home to your health-conscious friends.