6 Stores You Won’t Have to Miss While in London

While getting out of your comfort zone can be a great exercise, we totally understand not wanting to give up all of your go-to spots. Be sure to check out these six stores that exist both in the United States and in London, so that thing called homesickness won’t even exist.

Victoria's Secret; London, England


1. Victoria’s Secret

We've all arrived to our vacation destination and realized that we forgot something important. Usually, that item is something small (think: underwear). Well don't worry about having to go commando while in London, because Victoria's Secret is available for all of your undergarment needs. 

111 New Bond Street

Carphone Warehouse · Unit D3

Carphone Warehouse · SU 123-124 The Arcade,, Westfield Stratford City London

Lush; London, England




2. Lush

You don't have to worry about going without your favorite bath bomb while in London. Lush is here to save the day. Pick your favorites from their wide array of bath bubbles, cosmetics, soaps and perfumes. 

 175-179 Oxford St

 123 Kings Road

Apple; London, England



3. Apple

It is almost impossible to think of traveling abroad without an Apple store nearby. While in London, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest Mac trends, and have a place to bring your computer if it crashes.

     1-7 The Piazza

     235 Regent St

Lululemon; London, England



4. Lululemon

Don't worry about forgetting a favorite piece of workout apparel, because Lululemon's London locations have you covered. 

38-42 King’s Road

19-20 Long Acre Covent Garden

3-4 Dome Building, The Quadrant Richmond

Zara; London, England



5. Zara

With their cute and affordable pieces, Zara's presence in London is welcome. Be sure to check out each of their locations, as their selection changes at each store. 

     52- 56 Long Acre

     460-490 Oxford Street

     79-83 Brompton Rd

     48-52 Kensington High St



6. Topshop/Topman

This London-born store has become a favorite shop in America. Their perfect mix of affordable prices and fashion-forward apparel makes this store a must-visit for men and women. 


60/64 Strand

Great Castle Street Oxford St

44 Kensington High St

70 Brompton Rd Knightsbridge

538-540 Oxford St, London West End


Selfridges · 214 Oxford Street

98 Commercial Street, Shoreditch

145 High St Bromley