6 Cafes You Need To Try in Galway, Ireland

Upon arriving in Galway, Ireland, you will quickly become aware of the numerous coffee shops and cafes that line the city's streets. Here are the ones that are definitely worth visiting: 


Cafe Roscoe

Cafe Roscoe is a perfect place to do work. Here you can enjoy delicious coffee, free wifi and comfortable seats. Be sure to try the vegetable soup.


Cafe Renzo

This is a great place to become a regular. Located just outside of the city center, Cafe Renzo is home to a wonderful staff. You definitely want to order the Toastie and Soup here. 

Coco Cafe

Coco cafe, an independently owned restaurant, will quickly become a favorite spot of yours. With delicious breakfast, scones, soups, and sandwiches, there is something for everyone at Coco. 

Poppyseed Cafe

Poppyseed's beautiful decor and incredible food attracts locals and tourists alike. Don't leave without trying a quiche here. 

Cupan Tae

Cupan Tae is actually a tea house rather than a cafe. Nonetheless, it is still definitely worth visiting. The decor is beautiful, and even the servers look like vintage dolls. The vast selection of teas includes Black Teas, Green Teas, Oolong Teas, and more. We recommend the Before-noon Tea.

Taste Cafe at BORN

Inside the Born clothing store in Newtownsmith, is the beloved Taste Cafe. If your visit coincides with nice weather, be sure to snag an outdoor seat. This spot caters to individuals who are coeliac, sugar-free, vegan or are following raw living.