Where to Eat Breakfast in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia; Local Mbassy; Pancakes; Red velvet pancakes

For the ultimate “instaworthy” breakfast:

The best pancakes in Sydney come from a tiny cafe located in Ultimo called Local Mbassy. If you like red velvet, these pancakes are hands down the most delicious item on the menu, as they are delicately topped with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. 

For a pre-class breakfast:

University of New South Wales students love  22 Grams in Randwick. About a half mile from the center of the university, 22 grams is famous for their coffee. In fact, their coffee is so good that the spot is named after the the weight of a shot of triple espresso. Be sure to try their eggs with avo smash and caramelized tomatoes. 22 Grams never disappoints. 

For a sweet breakfast:

You need to try Speedo’s Café. Located in North Bondi on the beach, Speedo’s is cronut heaven. Their incredible cronuts come in a variety of flavors, ranging from sweet to savory. In case you live under a rock, a cronut is a combination of a doughnut and a croissant.

For the “I’m trying to watch my weight breakfast”:

Head to Bondi Wholefoods for a wholesome breakfast. An entire page of their menu is dedicated to smoothies, which are made with the healthiest, organic ingredients and superfoods, and are available all day. 

La renaissance patisserie; Sydney, Australia

For breakfast with a view: 

Go to The Rocks and stop in at La Renaissance Patisserie for a delicious French pastry. Afterwards, you can walk around The Rocks and enjoy a view of the harbour, Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This area is only a 15 minute walk from Sydney’s Central Business District, so after you eat you can enjoy the view of the water and a walk into the city.