Free, Fun things to do in Tel Aviv

Who doesn't love a fun, free activity?

Beach Workout 

On every TLV beach, waterproof workout equipment is available to anyone who would like to use it, for free. A beach workout is a quick and fun way to keep active without having to pay for a gym membership or fitness class. The ocean is always just a few steps away, so it's easy to cool off afterwards.

Tel Aviv, Israel; Tel Aviv beaches

Jaffa Flea Market

Located at the southern most end of Tel Aviv, the Jaffa Flea market is a great place to spend your afternoon or night. Jaffa port is one of the oldest ports in the world, making a visit to it a unique cultural and historical experience. Browse the vintage Israeli clothing and jewelry and make sure to stop to taste some of the best street meat. 

Shuk HaCarmel; Tel Aviv, Israel



Shuk HaCarmel 

This outdoor market place is the perfect spot to provide a tourist with an authentic and local view of Tel Aviv. The best time to visit is Friday morning or afternoon (before Shabbat), when the market is bustling. You can buy anything here from clothes to fresh produce. The best part is that most food stands offer free samples.  


Sandeman's NewEurope Tour 

Not only is this tour completely free, but it is extremely engaging and informative. They provide tours of both Tel Aviv and Jaffa, so if you have time, it is definitely worthwhile to attend both. Sandeman’s offers free tours all over the world, so definitely check out their website whenever you are traveling abroad.


HaTachana/ The Old Train Station 

Tel Aviv’s Old Train Station was the first train station in the Middle East. Although it no longer functions as a train station, it still holds significant historical importance, and now houses a great selection of clothing boutiques and restaurants. The architecture is quite beautiful and is definitely worth checking out!