You Should Study Abroad in Paris If…

Paris is an absolutely amazing place to study abroad. While just about everyone has heard of Paris and should definitely make time to visit it, not everyone is fit to study abroad there. If the following apply to you, then you should probably study abroad in Paris:


1. You know French or are trying to learn French.

French people take a lot of pride in their language. If you don’t know French, surviving in Paris can be very difficult. However, if you have a willingness to learn French, you can probably make do in the city of lights even though you may end up feeling frustrating (nonetheless, many French residents do speak English). 







2. You like art.

This stereotype is pretty spot-on. French people take their art seriously. If you’re the kind of person who can’t understand why someone else would be really into art, then you might not have a lot to talk about with the people you will encounter.

3. You can see yourself living in a city like New York.

Paris is a huge city. If the thought of going to school at NYU really turned you off, then a semester in Paris probably won't be the best for you. On the flip side, if part of you could see yourself at a city school in the US, then Paris will probably be a fun experience.




4. Saying hi to strangers doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

In America, it’s considered a little bizarre to reach out and say hi to a random stranger who’s sitting next to you on a park bench. People kind of mind their own business. In Paris, if you’re in an elevator with someone, it would be considered rude not to say hi.

5. You can believe that the city streets are magical – just a little.

Seriously, every walk you take will feel like it came straight out of a movie. Everything is prettier in Paris. If you think this sounds cheesy, then Paris is probably not for you. 

6. You’re more than happy to wear all black everyday.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe you’ll venture out to wear gray.