4 Weekend Trips You Need to Take While in France

While Paris may be the most beloved and happening city in France, these other French destinations are worth the trip.

Aix-en Provence

A City With Nightlife

Next to Paris, Aix-en Provence is the second most popular city in France for study abroad students. While Paris is more of a clubbing scene, Aix-en Provence will show any visitor a good time via bar hopping. The area’s charming, seemingly hidden and understated streets contain some of the best cafés and shopping you will ever experience. Art lovers – spend some time at le Musee Granet. If you’re coming from Paris, your transportation of choice to Aix-en Provence should be the TGV.

Les Baux de Provence

Your Fantasy City

Up in the Alpine Mountains, you’ll find this adorable, charming village. The views here are absolutely incredible, but be ready for a hike. The city’s main attraction is the castle, Chateau des Baux, which is propped up on the peak of the mountain. As you walk to the village, you will be motivated to keep climbing to the top by the unique boutiques and unexpectedly modern art scene you will encounter. TGV is also probably your best option for transportation. 


A City with a View

This is a beach city on the Cote d’Azur (in case you didn’t know, that’s the south of France).  You can definitely come here to tan for a weekend, but just know that unless you want to pay to rent a chair, you’re going to be lying on rocks (which plenty of people do – so you’ll be in good company). Needless to say, the seafood here is amazing. Your two options for transportation would be the TGV or a cheap flight on EasyJet right into the Nice Airport (if you’re lucky).



A City for Foodies

If you love the big city of Paris but think it’s too touristy, Lyon can satisfy your needs. It is the third most popular city in France and has a very active nightlife. Lyon is actually one of the greatest food cities worldwide. If you were initially drawn to Paris because you are a foodie, then a trip to Lyon is necessary. All railroad lines will go from Lyon to Paris because they are both so popular.