The Best Study Spot in Paris

When in Paris, you can barely walk a full block without passing by at least one cafe. However, any student studying in Paris knows that these cafes are often poor environments for studying. Between the cigarette smoke, tiny tables and lack of wifi and outlets, it's difficult to get a lot done. Having said that, there are a few hidden gems that feature an ideal study environment and a delicious cup of coffee. One too many cups of coffee later, the Artéfact Café has been determined to be one of the best.


Artéfact is located in Le Marais, just two blocks from the Hotel de Ville metro stop. The café’s walls are covered in beautiful stone and the whole space is decorated with old books and small antiques that are for sale. The lower level has a cushioned bench seating surrounding the perimeter, as well as tables and comfy chairs. There are electrical outlets to keep your phone and computer charged while you work. Soft music plays throughout the shop, but is quiet enough that your headphones can block out the sound if you want. Upstairs, you will find more tables and chairs, as well as the work of local artists on display.


The menu: Artéfact has an extensive selection of coffees and teas, at a range of prices. Most of their products are organic! Ask the barista for a recommendation if you are a tea lover, as the menu can be quite overwhelming. Because this delightful café is owned by American expatriates, the employees speak English. For a great pick-me-up, try the Chai latte. The tea is full-flavored, spiced just right and will provide you with just enough caffeine to get you to finish your work. The food selection is small, and mostly consists of cheese and charcuterie plates. There are healthy breakfast items like Greek yogurt with almonds and matcha, and small pastries, both of which are delicious in taste and stunning in presentation. As an added bonus, the barista will regularly fill your cup with infused water to keep you hydrated. The flavors vary daily, from orange basil to pear mint.

So, the next time that you need to get something done, doze off for a bit, or are just shopping in Le Marais, be sure to check out this charming spot.