How to Find Housing in London

So you want to temporarily move to London, but you are worried about finding a place to live that doesn't break the bank and is safe, clean, and in a good location. We get it. We know the struggle of finding something that is in your price range that is not a complete dump. We're here to help. Be sure to think ahead and start making your living arrangements at least four months before you arrive in London. Here are a few London housing companies that you probably want to consider. 


Acorn Apartments

Coming to London and looking for a clean and affordable place to stay? Acorn Apartments offers apartments that range from singles to those that comfortably fit up to six people. These apartments are fully furnished and include a lounge area, a fully equipped kitchen, TV, microwave, fridge/freezer, pots, pans and washing machines.



Study Abroad Apartments

Check out this website to find wonderful living quarters all over the world. On this website, you can browse apartments, find roommates and select the amount of adults you’re traveling with. Study Abroad Apartments is primarily focused on relocating students to reliable and affordable international housing. All of the listed apartments include internet. Additional services may include airport pickup, apartment cleaning, laundry and maintenance. 




Short and long trips can be accommodated by Euracom. Your stay can range from just two nights up to several months. Their prices are relatively affordable and there are a wide range of apartment sizes to choose from. All apartments come with a TV, fresh bed linens, towels, kitchen equipment and appliances.



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Airbnb is a trusted website that offers housing accommodations world-wide. This website is extremely user-friendly and allows users to type in a specified location, price point and number of guests. The site enables home owners in over 190 countries to rent out living quarters to travelers. Be sure to download the Airbnb app to find locations at the touch of your fingertips.


Duncan McGlashans

This website offers clients a myriad of apartments to choose from with prices that are affordable for students. There are apartments ranging in size from studios to seven bedrooms. The apartments you will find here come fully furnished, with a kitchen and bedrooms with linens.