How to use AirBnb and Not Get Ripped Off/ Murdered/ Locked Out

While Airbnb offers anyone traveling abroad a wonderful way to spend less money on what often proves to offer a better location and nicer living quarters than a hotel, there are still some things that can go wrong. Here's what you need to know:

1. Play it safe: as a naive Airbnb user, you might think that the shared house option is a great way to save money; however, this is option invites creepy landlords, cramped living quarters and confusing boundaries.

2. While you might want to rent an Airbnb spot for your entire trip (even if it is a month or longer), start with a short stay so that you can check out the spot before agreeing to spend months and a lot of money there. Don't always trust the pictures. 

3.  Take reviews with a grain of salt. Unit owners may try to bribe you to give a good review by promises of a good guest review in return. A.K.A. reviews are not entirely accurate. 

4. Make sure you bring a wallet with a key chain!!! The last thing you want to do is forget your key and have to awkwardly contact your landlord at 4 am after a night out.