How to Use Your AT&T iPhone While Studying Abroad in London

As members of this tech-savvy generation, we use our phones to do just about everything. While studying abroad, our need for FaceTime, Google Maps and Instagram will likely only increase. Thus, it's important to figure out how you will be able to use your phone when abroad. Based on what country you are living in and what phone carrier you use in the United States, the way to go about using your phone abroad will be different. So, here's what you need to do if you are going abroad to London and want to bring your AT&T iPhone:

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While in the U.S., go to an AT&T store and ask a sales representative to unlock your phone. When you unlock your phone with AT&T, you are basically buying the phone in full so that you do not have to make any future monthly payments. There are two ways to go about this: either bring an old iPhone which will easily be unlocked because payments on it are finished, or, bring in your current iPhone and ask the sales representative to allow you to pay for the phone entirely.

Once you arrive in London, you should head over to the store, “three,” which has locations all over the city. There, you can purchase a London SIM card and set up a phone plan (pro-tip: get the unlimited data plan). The SIM card should allow your phone to work in a majority of countries. You will be given a list of which countries the SIM card works in. If you find yourself in a country where the SIM card does not work, you will need to use wifi to message through your phone. 

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