Where to Go on the TLV Coast (North to South)

By: Haley Moritz and Ryann Shaffer

Overall, Tel Aviv's beaches are unmatched in beauty and atmosphere so you can't go wrong when picking which one you want to spend your afternoon visiting. Almost all beaches in TLV offer lounge chair and umbrella rentals, which make it easy to enjoy the sun comfortably. It's not shocking that all Israelis seem to be ridiculously fit and good looking as there is public waterproof gym equipment located on all of the main beaches. With that said, here are a few of our favorite spots: 

Tal Baruch Beach:

Right near TAU, and located in Ramat Aviv, Tal Baruch is a local beach with all of the necessities. This spot is family oriented, so it's a good place to go when you are in the mood for calmer vibes. Pro-tip: bring your own water (small water bottles can be up to 30 shekels at the kiosk)!

Tal Baruch Beach; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tel Aviv beaches

Gordon Beach:

This is the ultimate touristy spot- the place to see and be seen. Come here if you are looking for water activities, kadima (called matkot in Israel) and beach volleyball, and a very young crowd. Pro-tip: come hungry and have some nice refreshments at LalaLand!

Alma Beach; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tel Aviv beaches

Alma Beach:

This is a more secluded beach with a nice atmosphere complimented by the white umbrellas and blue lounge chairs. Come with a group of your friends if you are looking for an afternoon of R&R! Pro-tip: this beach is right near Neve Tzedek and Jaffa so make sure to check out these historically rich places before hitting the waves.