A Quick Trip to Krakow: What to See, Do, and Eat

Where to go?

The Main Square (Rynek Gowny)

The main square of the Old Town of Kraków dates back to the 13th century. With its many cafes, restaurants, shops, churches and hotels, the old square is the heart of the city. The energy of the town is here!

Where to eat: Szara offers modern Polish food, Café Camelot is perfect for a lunch of paninis and salads, and Chłopskie Jadło offers the best in traditional Polish food. 

Kazimierz- The Jewish District

This is a really fun area to walk around. Its narrow cobble stone streets contain many flee markets, bars, and even a lock bridge. This is a trendy spot for college students. Getting a zapiekanka in the Kazimierz main square is a must!

Wawel Castle

Visit this elegant castle to get a glimpse of Polish history. If it’s a nice day, you can bike along the river.

Wawel Cathedral

The Cathedral itself is beautifully decorated. Entrance here is free and you are able to view the many different chapels. Climb to the top of the Bell Tower for a spectacular view of Kraków! The biggest bell in Poland is here and it chimes every hour.

St. Mary’s Basilica

This famous church is definitely worth visiting. Here you will enjoy a view of the beautiful stain glass windows and carvings on the interior.

If you have time for a half-day trip…

Wielicka Salt Mine

This cool tourist attraction contains underground chapels and chambers made of salt!

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

If you are interested in visiting a World War II concentration camp, the Auschwitz-Birkeanu camps are relatively near Krakow and are very accessible from the city. While touring and visiting the camps can be emotionally exhausting, doing so is an incredible way to commemorate the atrocities that took place under the Nazi regime. 

What to order in Poland?

Nalesniki –(Polish crepe) - Try the cheese nalesniki with sour cream

Pierogi- Classic Polish cheese and potato dumplings

Zurek: Sour rye soup with potato, sausage, and egg

Barszcz: Beetroot soup

Kopytka: Dumplings

Grilled Oscypek –Sheep’s cheese in salad

Krokiety- Rolled pancakes fried in breadcrumbs with cheese and mushroom or cabbage and meat


And for dessert?

Gofry- Waffles with your choice of toppings (found in the rynek streets)

Rurka z kremem- Wafer with whipped cream

Paczki- Jam filled doughnuts

Makowiec- Poppy seed pastry cake

Szarlotka: Cake with apples

Sernik: Cheese cake