Your Guide to Eating in Bondi

Bondi has some of the best food in Sydney. Here’s a guide to the best places for brunch, ice cream, and dinner!




One of the most delicious and famous restaurants in Sydney, especially for brunch. It’s most famous for the ricotta hotcakes!

Lox Stock and Barrel

 Also a healthy brunch place. It’s a little small, but the food is so worth it!


A great, healthy brunch place, but a bit of a longer walk down Campbell Parade, the main street along the beach.


A spot where you can make-your-own sashimi bowl with a base of glass noodles or brown rice, then a choice of sashimi and other toppings, and dressing. Quick, easy, and delicious!

Brown Sugar

This restaurant tends to have a line, so try to get there early!



This restaurant is super casual – people even go barefoot after a day at the beach! You can choose a meat or fish from a display of different raw meats, and then pick a side dish. They are most famous for their beef.

Drake Eatery

This Mediterranean food restaurant is all about sharing plates. It’s a little expensive, but the food is amazing!


Ice Cream


This is probably the most famous ice cream in Sydney. They have a wide selection of flavors and 5 different specials every week!


Lovers of rich ice cream might prefer Anita to Messina. Think Tim-Tam, Ferrero Rocher, or waffle caramel flavors! It also has amazing sauces and toppings. You are guaranteed to leave content!