A must-do Australian Activity: Surf Camp

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of Australia is surfing, and once you step foot onto any beach while there, you’ll without a doubt find some (extremely attractive) surfers catching waves. There is no better way to get an authentic Australian surfing experience than through Surf Camp Australia, where you can spend anywhere from two to ten days on an amazing beach getaway learning to surf like a pro.

Surf Camp Australia takes place at 7 Mile Beach in Gerroa, about two hours south of Sydney. Everyone, including the instructors, lives at the Surf Camp, which is walking distance from the beach. The “Weekender 2-Day Surf Adventure” consists of three, two-hour surf lessons.

The surf instructors are all young and fun to hang and learn to surf with. They’re extremely helpful if you’re a beginner surfer and will help to make sure everyone gets up! They’ll even follow you around with a GoPro to catch some action shots.

After a long day of surfing, Surf Camp basically turns into a big party. Everyone in the group comes together for dinner, music, and drinks at the camp, and then all go to a local pub with the instructors who definitely know how to party.

Surf Camp Australia is a must and a great weekend getaway from the city. You’ll leave sore and exhausted, but with an unforgettable surfing experience that you cannot find anywhere else…and a free t-shirt!