What you need to know about the Nightlife in Rome

If you're in the mood for an international partying experience, go to Rome. In addition to offering the most famous tourist attractions and a world-renowned cuisine, Rome offers locals and tourists an unparalleled nightlife scene. 



G-Bar and Almalu are known to be flooded with American’s, but they’re both really fun pregame bars and are right next door to one another. G-Bar has amazing mixed drinks and Almalu is famous for its Harry Potter shot (although it is lit on fire and is actually repulsive). Prepare yourself: the shots are all 1 euro.

Cioccolata e Vino has chocolate shots. It’s a 30 second walk from G-Bar and is a must. Order a “69”, a “Quickie”, or a “One Night Stand” from their amazing menu.

The Drunken Ship is also a great American bar, with beer pong tables and giant pitchers. It’s in a prime location in Campo de Fiori and is much larger than G-Bar and Almalu, so make sure to check it out.

Scholars is great on karaoke nights (Tuesday/Thursday) if you want to show off your voice and sing some throwbacks.

Sloppy Sam’s is another typical American bar.



Shari Vari is the place to be on Wednesday’s. It’s a really fun club that offers great music and is filled with study abroad students and locals alike. 

Art Café is probably one of the best and most exclusive clubs in Rome. Definitely be well-dressed and ready to stay out until 5am.

Gilda is a must-visit on Friday’s or Sunday’s.

La Cabala is full of Italians and is a really fun spot to visit once in a while.