5 Must-Try Roman Dishes

While just about anything that you eat in Rome is likely to be delicious, there are certain dishes and restaurants that you can't visit the city without trying. Here's what you need to eat, and where you should be eating it when in Rome:

Carciofi alla Giudia

What it is: Fried artichoke

Where to get it: The Jewish Ghetto at Restaurant Ba’Ghetto


What it is: Fried ball of rice with mozzarella and fillings (meat, eggplant, and tomato sauce)

Where to get it: I Suppli (take-away restaurant)



What it is: Roman pasta classic of guanciale (pork), pecorino cheese, and tomat

Where to get it: Armando al Pantheon (or travel 2 hours to Amatrice for the real deal)



What it is: Roman pasta classic of egg, cheese, bacon, and pepper

Where to get it: Flavio al Velavevodetto or Da Enzo al 29

Cacio e Pepe

What it is: Roman pasta classic of Pecorino cheese and pepper

Where to get it: Da Danilo, Flavio al Velavevodetto, or Roscioli Salumeria