We scream for ice cream; Gelato that is.

When in Rome, get the necessities: pizza, pasta and most importantly, gelato. Seriously, if you don’t try the gelato, you’re doing it wrong. Lucky for you, we've tried the countless gelaterie in Rome, so you only need to go to the best. Here are the five can't-miss spots for gelato:


#1 Old Bridge

If you’re an American study abroad student, you’ve most likely heard of Old Bridge Gelateria. It is a franchise, but it’s the most delicious franchise ever. They have a few stores located throughout Rome, but the best is in Trastevere. We ordered the Kinder Bueno flavor and Kinder Cereal flavor, which were both unreal. If you like coconut, try Bounty. All of them are delicious.

#2 La Romana

The Italians know what’s up. We had not heard about La Romana before speaking with some Italian locals. Whenever we asked where the best gelato was, La Romana was always mentioned. It’s about a 25-30 minute walk from Trastevere, but it’s so worth it. If you get the cone, you have the option of filling the bottom with melted milk or white chocolate fondue. We ordered Bacio, Biscotto and a Chocolate/Hazelnut flavor. All great.

#3 Giolitti

You've never seen so many gelato flavors in your life. Try them all. Their most popular is Pistachio, however we sampled Nutella, Bacio, Pistachio, Caffè, Caramel and Meraviglioso. P.S: make sure you get the free homemade cream on top.

#4 Frigidarium

Ever wonder where those famous Italian chocolate dipped gelatos are from? Frigidarium. This place is pretty well known to most tourists and for a good reason. You can get gelato anywhere in Rome, but chocolate dipped with a cookie on top?! C’mon. Make sure you don’t miss out on this gelateria. Get the Frigidarium flavor.

#5 Gelateria del Teatro

This is the real deal. We ordered the tiramisu gelato and can't believe how incredible it was. If you’re feeling adventurous and love unique flavors, like Cheese, Almond & Fig or even Lavender & White Peach, this is the place for you.

We know we said top 5, but we just had to include one more:

#6 Fatamorgana

This gelateria is known for its natural ingredients and flavors. Here, you won’t find any candy bar flavors or anything artificial. Fatamorgana prides themselves in using healthier ingredients than most gelato places (no preservatives, food coloring, etc.). Pictured below is Prince’s Kiss. It has rich swirls of chocolate and chunks of whole hazelnuts. This is a must try.