Where to find On-the-Go Eats in Rome

Getting food on-the-go is surprisingly typical in Rome. You’ll see all the locals eating authentic Italian meals for lunch in to-go containers wherever you go. Here are some of the best take away meals Rome has to offer:

1. Roscioli Forno

Roscioli is one of the most famous restaurants in Rome. They have a pastry shop, a formal restaurant, and a bakery. At the bakery, they have pizza, pasta, bread, pies, vegetables, and more. However, you MUST get the Pesto Pizza. It is life changing.

2. I Suppli

This hole in the wall has become one of our favorite take-away spots. It’s famous for a Roman classic: Suppli, a fried ball of rice with different fillings inside—like meat or eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce. Additionally, their pasta is unreal. They also have pizza. Go here.

3. Pastificio

If you’re spending a day near the Spanish Steps, this take-out pasta is necessary. For only 4 euros, you get homemade pasta made fresh every day. Each morning, they create only two types of pasta dishes and there will be a line down the street before they even open—it’s that good. Side-note: after this, go to Magnum for dessert and customize your own ice cream bar.