Experience a Musical Night in Xi'an through live performance and karaoke


With the incredible live performances in China, there is no time to Netflix and Chill.  

While Xi’an is a modern city, the residents manage to stay true to their traditional roots. The city is home to a number of theaters that hold live performances. These performances often include large drums, flutes and traditional dances. The beautiful sounds of the performances are matched only by the incredible costumes worn by the performers.  

Live performance in Xi'an, China

If you’re interested in joining in on a performance instead of watching, head over to any one of the city's karaoke hot spots. If you're planning on going with a group of friends, you can book a private room. With a group, the price per person should only come to what is equivalent to 3 American dollars.

Karaoke in Xi'an, China

You can expect a room filled with plush couches and a stage. Don't worry if you don't actually remember the words, there are screens all over the room to help you with the lyrics. Embrace your inner pop start and belt out the lyrics to your favorite songs!