While Florence has a lot to offer in its history, architecture, art, and wine, it's probably best known and enjoyed for its incredible food. Although Florence feels like a big city, you can walk all over the city, and get just about anywhere. When making your way through the populated streets and low-key winding lanes, you'll come across delicious restaurants, bakeries and cafes. While it's worth trying some of the spots that you happen-upon, here are local eateries that you can't visit Florence without trying. 

Pizzeria Del Duomo- Piazza di San Giovanni, 21-red

This small and unassuming pizzeria is located directly across from the Duomo. The restaurant offers delicious and different pizza options that are great for a quick bite while you take in the view of the remarkable Duomo.   

Pizzeria Del Duomo-Florence

Don Nino- Piazza del Duomo, 11

This spot is also right by the Duomo and is a bakery and gelateria. This place sells delicious pastries and gelato. Here you can stuff your own cannoli with the option of ricotta cream or pistachio cream. They’re even open until midnight, so you can get a delicious cannoli, tiramisu or gelato if you’re having a late night craving. 

Don Nino-Florence

Doner Kebabs 

Kebabs are the go-to drunk food in Florence (minus Pizza, obviously). These kebabs will satisfy your cravings and always taste amazing. Go ahead and eat them sober for lunch too, they’re that good. Don’t forget to order fries on the side.

Doner Kebabs-Florence


While this bar is a favorite pre-game spot at night, the iced coffee and bagels that they serve during the day are pretty delicious. A bagel and coffee order here is sure to remind you of your favorite bagel spot back home. 

Lions Fountain-Florence

Oil Shoppe- Via Sant'Egidio, 22/R

This is a great place for a sandwich or salad lunch. Everything they make here is great; they even have iced coffee and French fries. Be prepared to see a lot of friends from America when you visit this spot. 

Oil Shoppe-Florence

La Giostra- 10/12 18 R Borgo Pinti

You can't visit Florence without stopping for a meal here. Order the pear ravioli, burrata and balsamic steak, and prepare for your life to change. 

Il Profeta- Via Borgognissanti, 93r

The owner's name here is Claudio. He puts on a show for everyone who comes in and loves American students. He'll probably say that he remembers you, but truth be told he tells that to everyone. This spot has a famous 3-piece pasta that you have to order. 


Osteria Tres Panches- Via Antonio Pacinotti, 32r

This restaurant is pronounced panke and the name means Three Benches, because there are only three tables in the whole restaurant. This favorite restaurant is located far from the city-center, so you will probably have to take a cab to it if you live in the center. Order the truffle chicken, lemon chicken, cheesecake and the truffle ravioli. 


La Milkeria- Borgo degli Albizi, 87

Order the crepes, waffles and gelato here. They also offer a delicious iced coffee that will remind you of your favorite breakfast spots at home.

La Milkeria-Florence

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe- Via Ghibellina, 151r

This delicious restaurant is perfect for groups, as it's offerings are both tasty and relatively affordable. Enjoy endless water and wine with your shared dishes for the table and prepare for a delicious meal. 

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe-Florence