6 Realities You Need To Accept Before Visiting Thailand

1. You will sweat - a lot

The temperature in Thailand is often above 100 degrees, and coupled with constant humidity, is a recipe for discomfort. A walk down the street may have you looking like you just went swimming. But fear not! All of your traveling companions will look the same way. By the end of your time in Thailand, you’ll be surprised at how much water you can consume. Be sure to stay hydrated!


 2. You will be dirty

As with many Asian cities, pollution in Bangkok and Chiang Mai is a big issue. Smog mixed with sweat isn’t the loveliest combination, but is one that you will face every day. Additionally, random thunderstorms are not uncommon. They may leave you muddy and wet. Pro-tip: arry wipes with you in your bag so that you can easily cool down and clean off.  

3. You will get sick

Part of taking in SE Asian culture is trying the local food. Street food is among the best food you’ll ever eat- fresh spring rolls, veggie-laced pad thai, cockroaches, scorpions- you name it, they have it. Eating street food in Thailand is a sort of Russian Roulette; most of the time it’s fine, but some of the time it’ll trap you in the bathroom for hours. Be sure to plan ahead and bring anti-diarrheal meds with you when you pack. 

Street food in Bangkok, Thailand

 4. Public toilets are usually squatters

Mastering the squat toilet is something you should do early on in your trip. They are essentially toilets built into the floor, with no option to sit – just to squat. Pro-tip: many of these bathrooms won't have toilet paper, so you might want to bring your own.

5. Not everyone speaks English

One of the great joys of foreign travel is feeling like you’re five years old when you can’t read the signs, and can’t understand the people around you. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few basic Thai words and phrases such as “bathroom” and “how much is it?" 

Street sign in Thailand

6. You need to learn to go with the flow

The laid-back atmosphere in Thailand will either frustrate you or will bring out your go-with-the-flow self. If your bus happens to break down, find a cool shop nearby to visit while it’s being fixed. Everything in Thailand can be turned into an adventure- don’t let mishaps ruin your day.