Can't Miss Copenhagen Cafés

Copenhagen is filled with cafés in every neighborhood and on most streets. Whether you are in the city for a short weekend trip or a semester abroad, this guide will help you pick your next place to grab a coffee, eat or study.

The Living Room is definitely worth a visit. This funky café has two levels, comfy couches, dark lighting and a cozy ambiance. A café with similar vibes is Café Nutid. Both places are great for unwinding or doing work on your computer. An ideal working spot is Buzz Kaffebar because it is well-lit and has adequate desk space. They also have delicious homemade cookies for your study break.

If you are craving a good brunch, definitely get the brunch plates at Flottenheimer and Paludan Bog&Café. Paludan is a large and homey café surrounded by books. It is a great place to work, but can often be very crowded. Next Door Café is a cool and unique spot to get a light lunch, and The Laundromat Café has a yummy lunch and dinner menu.

Copenhagen has a lot of coffee chains. Although Joe & The Juice can be found around the world, it was founded in Denmark. It has loud, fun music and flirty young boys working at the counter. The smoothies and sandwiches are great, and you should ask for a free sticker as a souvenir. For all of you obsessed with the goddess, yes, there is a Starbucks. But be wary that a cup of coffee there is much more expensive than in the states. Other chains are Baresso and Emmerys, both of which are good for working or grabbing a coffee on the go.