Calling All Carnivores: Where to Find the Best Steaks Around London

Vegetarians beware. Looking for a juicy steak in London? You've got a lot of options and they won't disappoint. Here are our favorites for steak in London. 


Advertised as “a true taste of Argentina,” this restaurant is chic and sexy with its cow-print interior decor (highly Instagram worthy). With restaurants dotted all around central London, it’s hard to give this place a miss. Oh, and they have mouth-watering steaks! This is the perfect place for a fun steak night with friends.


You’ll find this one tucked away in London’s Soho. Mash is owned by a Danish company but it’s as close as you can get to a trendy, upscale American-style steak house. Premium steaks and quality side dishes: mac & cheese, fries and bone marrow are ones to try!

3. STK

Decor wins with this one. Electric vibes here, sophisticated and fun. STK is great for a party occasion—good steaks, great atmosphere. You must try the truffle parmesan chips - that’s an order!


So, this one might break your bank, but we can totally assure you it’s SO worth it. Award-winning steaks and incredible cocktails make for a great dinner here. Staff will give you the A-Z of their finest steaks, so you’ll leave not only feeling full but also with an enriched knowledge of meat.  Hawksmoor is a high-class dining experience. Go. Visit. Now!



Any meat-loving Londoner will know this one! 10/10 atmosphere, 10/10 wine, 10/10 food. New York Brasserie style decor and huge range of steak cuts. Located in Mayfair, City and Canary Wharf.