4 Tips When Traveling to Amsterdam

You can't enjoy a Euro-trip without a stop in Amsterdam. When there, you'll have the fun of coffee shops, the red light district, cultural sights and delicious eats. Here are four tips to keep in mind when planning your trip. 

1. Buy your tickets in advance for tourist attractions.

Your first thought may be, “Duh, this is common sense;” however, we cannot begin to tell you how quickly things book up and how frustrating it is to miss out on must-see sights. More for the Anne Frank house than the Heineken Experience, purchasing tickets in advance is crucial. For the Heineken Experience, you can get away with purchasing tickets the day before. There are many different time options, but it gets busier the later in the day. Also, on the weekends, they open up their rooftop bar, which is definitely one of the best parts of the experience. Long story short, get your tickets in advance. You won’t regret it.

2. Go off the beaten path and visit some coffee shops other than The Bulldog.

Yes, many guides for visiting Amsterdam tell you to visit one of the countless Bulldog locations, but it is, in fact, a chain. Part of the fun of visiting Amsterdam is wandering the streets and picking a random coffee shop to enter. Coffee shops are a main part of the Amsterdam experience, so have some fun in choosing which to go to. They all have different aesthetics, availabilities, and some even have bars and karaoke stages too. Take a risk and check out a random one. You won’t regret it.

3. Visit The Pancake Bakery

This restaurant has both savory and sweet pancakes, so there really is something for everyone there. Also, important to know beforehand – the pancakes are not your typical American, thick, buttermilk pancakes. Instead, they take on more of a crepe form and consistency. One large pancake for your plate with whatever you want on it. We highly recommend the “Dutch” pancake, which includes chocolate shavings, whipped cream, cinnamon ice cream, stroopwafel and more. It is heavenly and is better than it sounds. In addition, they have giant bowls of syrup sitting on each table for your use. This spot is unreal, and is right down the street from the Anne Frank house and the Cheese Museum (where you can sample countless types of fresh cheeses) (more to come). Check out The Pancake Bakery. You won’t regret it.

4. French fries, French fries, and more French fries.

With the presence of coffee shops all throughout Amsterdam, the food must be good in the city. It definitely does not disappoint. With the aforementioned “The Pancake Bakery” a must-visit, there are endless amounts of little food vendors on the streets. Ranging from your typical American fast food chains to local French fry stores, the food is omnipresent. The French fries and cheese are so good in Amsterdam. The Cheese Museum is a little store where you can go around and sample tons of different cheeses and learn some history along the way. Furthermore, the French fry stops have fries in cones and you can add whatever and however many sauces you want to the snack. Get some French fries and cheese in Amsterdam, and forgo whatever diet you may be on for the weekend.