5 Movies You Need to Watch Before Traveling Abroad

Wherever you go, traveling abroad is an absolute treat. While packing is one crucial way of preparing for any journey, there is nothing like watching a film that romanticizes the wonders of traveling to get you ready to board your flight. These films will get you excited for all that you will experience when venturing outside of America, namely, the cultural food, monuments and potential foreign romance. 


Eat Pray Love

After you watch Liz Gilbert's (Julia Roberts) journey living in and traveling through Italy, India and Indonesia you will be ready to take on a similar adventure yourself. This story demonstrates the importance of trying to embrace and understand local cultures while in any foreign place. Before watching this film, be sure to to read the book (of the same title).


Notting Hill

This beloved film places an adorable romance within a London backdrop. Get ready to laugh, swoon and be excited for your next trip out of the country. 


Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This wonderful Woody Allen film brings to life the beauty of foreign culture and lifestyles and the overall potential one is faced with while abroad. 


Paris Je T'aime

This artistic and masterful film, made up of vignettes, brings to life the magic, innate beauty and splendor of the City of Lights. 


Under the Tuscan Sun

Not only does this movie demonstrate the endless possibilities one is presented with when traveling, but it further portrays the wonderful people one can encounter when visiting foreign cities and towns and encountering other cultures.