5 Traveling Accessories You Really Don’t Want to Forget

We’ve all been that person, urgently tossing our neatly packed items onto the hotel room floor in search of that one item we swear we remember packing. Avoid being in that situation by keeping this article and these five easy-to-forget essentials in-mind.

As members of the so-called selfie-generation, we are well-known for our love of taking pictures of everything, including ourselves. What better way to document our experiences traveling the globe than with a selfie stick. Not only will this device ensure that you have loads of photos to share with your family, Facebook friends and Instagram followers, but it will also enable you to avoid asking random tourists to take photos of you and your friends.

Although somewhat pricey, this device will enable you to record all of your most special abroad moments, from Oktoberfest to skydiving in the Swiss Alps.

Because you will be using your phone non-stop while abroad, to get directions, take photos and to contact your family at home, a charging case is essential. Not only is this case protective, but it will keep you from having to interrupt your travels to sit in a Starbucks and charge your phone.

Anytime you leave the U.S., you need to bring a universal adapter and converter unit with you. This device will allow you to use outlets in almost any country you visit and should keep you from ruining any of your plug-in electronics because of voltage differences.

While it may seem cheesy, you definitely want to take time to record your experiences abroad. A journal is a cheap and easy way to do so.