Although your time studying abroad might seem far away, the journey of a lifetime is fast approaching. Anxiety about making your time abroad the best months of your life will kick in, and any amount of preparation will never seem like enough. Take a deep breath. Before embarking on your trip to beautiful Barcelona (the best place in the world), follow this advice.


1. Pack lightly: This stands for going abroad to any country, but is especially true when coming to the homeland of Zara and the mecca of good shopping. The streets of Barcelona are full of amazing stores, from big names like H&M and Pull & Bear, to the great boutiques of El Born. So trust us, save yourself hundreds of dollars in the beginning because your bags will be overweight in the end.

2. Get an international SIM card: The greatest advice to date. You might be advised to wait until you get abroad to buy a Spanish SIM card, but that often leaves you phoneless for weekends of traveling internationally. Getting a T-Mobile International plan is the easiest way to ensure that you can stay connected and stress-free when traveling around Europe.

3. Learn SOME Spanish: Greetings, simple questions, and even some key directional words are all you need to make communicating in Spain that much easier.

4. Don’t stress about the tourist stuff: You might feel out of place in the beginning, but you will feel like a local soon enough. The first few days can be used as days for adjustment, and we promise you will still make your way to Segrada Familia and Park Guell at least three times before you leave. An itinerary is just not realistic for your four-month stay.

5. Plan the trips you know of in advance: Like Dublin. If you’re abroad in the spring semester and are planning on going to Ireland for St. Patrick’s day, don’t delay. You’ll be spending enough money on the rest of your trips, so save and pre-plan when you can.


6. Enhance your taste buds: The food is amazing and you need to be adventurous. If you’re a picky eater, challenge yourself to try new things during each of your meals in Barcelona. We promise you’ll enjoy yourself that much more.

7. A party is just a party: Barcelona is known to be the party city of abroad, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel obligated to “keep up.” Every night is an opportunity to go out, but this city has SO much more to offer than the Opium Barcelona night club.