5 Bars Not To Miss in Singapore

While Singapore is known for its celebrity chefs, posh nightclubs, and buzzing nightlife, the city is also known for its many famous bars. From popular rooftop lounges, to hole-in-the-wall pubs, here's where to go for a delicious cocktail in Singapore. 


Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

Arguably the most famous hotel in Singapore, Raffles Hotel dates back to 1887 and is named after the founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. While the hotel is known for hosting individuals from Prince William and Princess Kate to Ernest Hemingway, the hotel’s most famous attribute may just be the Long Bar. Come here for Singapore’s most famous drink, the Singapore Sling – a delicious blend of gin, brandy, and a blend of orange, pineapple, and lime juices. In fact, The Long Bar invented this cocktail back in 1915, with the same recipe still in place. The Bar features live music, an endless supply of peanuts (and main dishes), and takes you back in time to the 20th century.

Long Bar, Raffles Hotel: Singapore

Cé La Vi

A list of Singapore’s premier bars wouldn’t be complete without Cé La Vi. Located at the Skybar and rooftop of Marina Bay Sands hotel, this bar is simply unparalleled. While at times it can get touristy due to hotel guests, the bar offers 360 degree views of the city, and is a favorite rooftop bar in the city. In fact, a trip to Singapore would truly not be complete without enjoying this view and trying one of Cé La Vi’s many famous cocktails.



Rather than focusing on superior service and comfort, Loof takes a casual approach to the rooftop bar. Featuring beer pong tables, table tennis, and brightly colored furniture, Loof attracts a young crowd and does happy-hour right. Arguably better than the taste of its cocktails are the prices of them. While many know that alcohol in Singapore is expensive, Loof offers an alternative to the hefty prices one might pay elsewhere. Come here for $5 drinks after 5:00pm, $6:00 drinks after 6:00pm, and $7 drinks after 7:00pm. Not a bad deal, considering many of the city’s drinks start at $15!

1 Altitude

Located on the 63rd floor of One Raffles Place, 1 Altitude is sure not to disappoint. Come here to enjoy panoramic views of the city, both by day and by night, all without the tourist vibe of Marina Bay Sands. 1 Altitude appears almost as a neighborhood destination to many locals, and is a great place to meet locals and ex-pats alike. Furthermore, if you are in the mood to dance, bring your drink and head upstairs to Altimate, for a club-vibe and great music.

Singapore skyline

28 Hong Kong Street

Found only by the number “28” perched above the door, this bar feels more like a hidden escape rather than a cocktail lounge. The bar is conveniently located at 28 Hong Kong Street, however, it may be hard to come by as it doesn’t have a sign. Dating back to when alcohol was illegal in the city, rumor has it that 28 Hong Kong Street acted as a secret drinking parlor for those in Singapore. And while alcohol is legal in Singapore today, this old-school vibe still exists here. Offering world-class drinks in a small setting, 28 Hong Kong Street can’t be missed.