Clean Copenhagen Eats

Often times, travelers who frequent Copenhagen are not quite sure what to expect when it comes to the food.  While “traditional Danish food” may include heavy meats and potatoes, contemporary Copenhagen has truly taken on a wonderful cuisine. There are arguably just as many green juice bars for every organic coffee cafe; Copenhagen is home to so many amazing healthy eateries. Here are a few of our favorites:

Mad & Kaffe

Every traveler craves a good brunch, and brunch is definitely something that Copenhagen does right. Check out Mad & Kaffe for an assortment of nutritious, colorful, breakfast favorites to brighten your morning.



There is no better place to channel your inner raw vegan than SimpleRaw, a haven for vegetable sushi wraps and exotic salads.  It is located in a beautiful courtyard with beautiful colored architecture.


Big Apple

Big Apple is another juice bar and coffee shop, where you can quickly stop in for your favorite fresh pressed juice. They also have excellent sandwiches and salads. This inviting space is made up of wooden tables and an ivy-covered interior, and it makes for a great spot for a lunch date with friends. 


Café Puladon

Antique books line the walls at Café Puladon, creating one of the most quaint, candle-lit café atmospheres in all of Copenhagen. This space doubles as an awesome study spot, and a classic lunch or dinner venue. Famous for their elaborate burgers, open-faced sandwiches, and salads. Check out their incredible brunch as well.


 Glass Market (Torvehallerne)

There is no better way to get a feel for Copenhagen cuisine then the Glass Market, located just a couple minute walk from Norreport Station.  Inside this beautiful building are over 60 different vendor stands, where you can get anything from fresh fish, to salads, brick oven pizza, fresh juices, fruits and espressos to all natural beauty products. 


Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice is a fresh pressed juice and coffee chain that is probably as popular in Copenhagen as Starbucks is in America.  There is one on pretty much every other corner in the center of Copenhagen, and they make excellent juices to get on the go. It has a trendy atmosphere, with interesting gray décor and chairs and upbeat music. It also makes great sandwiches—especially the “Joe’s Club” and the “Tunacado.”