Eilat of Fun: Spending a weekend in Israel’s southernmost city

Looking for a weekend getaway within Israel? Eilat is the perfect place. Israel’s southernmost city has endless things to do from swimming in the Red Sea, to water sports and carnival rides to nightlife.

Eilat, Israel

Getting there: Eilat is about a four-hour drive from Tel Aviv, but flights are only 45 minuted to one hour. Many flights leave from Sde Dov, a small airport in Tel Aviv that is basically down the block from the Tel Aviv University dorms. The flights are fast, frequent and the most convenient way to travel from Tel Aviv to Eilat.

There are endless activities to do in Eilat. Get a group together to rent a boat at the docks and take a booze cruise one afternoon through the Red Sea. There are unbelievable views of Jordan and Egypt. You can also go snorkeling, scuba diving or jet skiing. If you know how to drive a boat, you can rent one for a few hours. For those adrenaline junkies, you can go skydiving from a plane that leaves from the Eilat airport. But if you just want to relax one day, the hotels in Eilat have amazing pools.

Eilat, Israel

Walking around the streets of Eilat on a Friday or Saturday afternoon is exciting. There are street performers everywhere that are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Night time in Eilat is fun too. There are amazing restaurants, nightclubs and even an ice bar.