Explanations of Beloved British Foods

Within our limited knowledge of British-English vernalular, "fish and chips" has found a place next to "cheerio" and "the loo." While we have heard of fish and chips, and probably told our friends at home that we couldn't wait to try some, do we really know what fish and chips is? What about all of the other foods that are popular in and native to London? Be informed before you take your next trip to London.


Fish and Chips

This well-known dish consists of battered fish (typically cod or haddock) and french fries (chips). 

Fish and Chips; London, England
Crumpets; London, England


Crumpets are spongy griddle cakes that are a popular teatime treat. People often choose to spread butter and jams on crumpets to add a sweet flavor. 


Bangers and Mash

This favorite dish involves mashed potatoes and sausages, accompanied by onions and gravy. 

Bangers and Mush; London, England