Guide to The Best Steak in Buenos Aires

Argentina is known for its high-quality meat and relatively low prices. With literally hundreds of steakhouses, known as parillas, to choose from, it can be difficult to find a good steakhouse that lives up to expectations. Here are our favorites:


Elena is a beautiful and modern parilla located at the Four Seasons hotel in Recoleta. It constantly wins awards and in 2014, was recognized as number 50 on the list of best restaurants in Latin America.

We recommend starting with a charcuterie board, glazed pork belly, and the chicken with herb butter. However, the real star of the show is the meat. Elena has a selection of dry-aged beef. The T-bone for two is delicious and can easily be split among three people. Finish dinner off with the gelato and have a drink at the Pony Bar at the hotel.

Le Grill

Located in Puerto Madero, Le Grill offers not only a great view of the port area, but also amazing food. Similar to Elena, it’s one of the few places in Buenos Aires to feature dry aged beef. We recommend the “degustation de bifes” so you can try a variety of cuts. The sweetbreads are also to die for.

Estilo Campo

This is a more traditional parilla than the previous options. It is also located in Puerto Madero, but is more casual. The empanadas, sweetbreads, and chinculines are must haves. We suggest lunch at Estilo Campo so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the port.

La Brigada

Another traditional parilla, La Brigada is located in San Telmo. It’s definitely more touristy than the others, but the food is still amazing. A great choice for any cut of meat.

La Carniceria

La Carniceria is a closed-door parilla. This means you can’t sit down without making a reservation in advance. It’s a cozy, hip, and small restaurant with a cool crowd and a young vibe. The menu features typical Argentine dishes with a contemporary twist.



Don Julio, La Cabrera, and Cabaña de las Lilas aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be, and there are tons of authentic restaurants around the city.