How To Dress like a Dane

If you’re spending time in Copenhagen, you’re going to notice that the Danes seem to have this effortlessly cool street style. Denmark is known for its minimalistic architecture and design, and similarly, Copenhagen street style all about looking as cool as you can without looking like you tried too hard. With that said, it is all about the key items. In the winter, it's all about layers of black and gray underneath a long oversized black coat. In the summer, you can shed off your layers with light and breathable t-shirts. To come as close as you can to looking like a Dane, you are going to want to add a few of these key items to your wardrobe:


White Sneakers

The white sneaker trend shows no sign of slowing down-especially not in Europe. The sneakers match everything, and are versatile, so you can wear them to bike around the city, or to head right into work. 


Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets are timeless. Copenhagen can always get a little chilly, so this type of jacket is super fun to bring around and will keep your outfit extra edgy.


Baseball Cap

Great for both genders, a cap keeps your look sporty and sleek. Black is always a classic, but be sure to try out other neutral colors like gray and white. 

Long Black Coat

If you are in Copenhagen for the winter, you’ll see Danes everywhere sporting long, oversized black coats like this one (below). Pair it with an oversized wrap-around knit scarf, and you’re ready to brave the outdoors!

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a classic, key item. With this extra edge, your look will transition from day to night effortlessly.  Black is always great, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors such as baby blue and blush pink.  



The Danes love turtleneck shirts and wear them in many different ways. In the spring and summer, try pulling off a turtleneck short sleeved shirt. 

Oversized Denim Jacket

Finish off your vintage look with an oversized jean jacket.  This is a great way to personalize your signature style with the color wash and cut.