How to eat and exercise your way through the Amalfi Coast

You can't take a trip to Italy without making your way to the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The mountainous terrain, villages carved out of cliffs and vibrant blue Mediterranean makes the region a most picturesque destination.

If you're booking a trip to the Amalfi Coast, here are some worthwhile activities that will provide an active and relaxing vacation. 


Lemons, Lemons, and More Lemons

The Amalfi Coast deserves the title of "land of lemons." Everywhere you go, you see lemon trees and foods made from lemon, such as lemon cake, lemon salad, lemon gelato and lemon alcohol (limoncello). These treats are definitely worth trying and can offer a great way to cool off during the day.

The lemon trees grow abundantly throughout the area and are some of the largest in the world. Lemons are also used in perfume and you can remember the lemon-infused air of the Amalfi by choosing a citrus fragrance from one of the oldest perfumeries in Capri.


Epic Views from the Top

There are a variety of hikes you can partake in on the Amalfi Coast that offer incredible views. These hikes are generally steep and provide an excellent workout.

The hike to Monte Solaro on Capri Island and The Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast both offer incredible views. The Monte Solaro Loop starts in AnaCapri, but if you want to add distance, you can also hike from Marina Grande to AnaCapri. You will see unbelievable views of the sea and the Faraglioni rock formations.


The Path of the Gods Route is another amazing hike. You can begin the hike in Praiano and finish in Nocelle, but depending on transportation, there are many places to start and end. The terrain is quite steep and you will walk on trails carved along the rock. You will see colorful cliffside villages scattered for miles of the coastline. Both hikes offer spectacular views of the magnificent destination and are a wonderful way to work off some of the Italian pizza, pasta, and gelato you will definitely consume while in Italy. 

path of gods copy.jpg

Reward Yourself with Relaxation

The Amalfi coast has great beaches for swimming and boating. The beaches are also relaxing with beach chairs and umbrellas offered at a very low price.

This region is also known for its shopping. What better way to spend the afternoon than shopping for some handmade sandals, a specialty in Sorrento, Positano and Capri?

Emperor Augustus visited this area and nicknamed it Agragopolis, translated "land of sweet idleness." So whether you are looking to hike, sight-see, shop, or relax at the beach, the Amalfi Coast is definitely a place one should spend a holiday or spring break.