How to Plan a Trip from Israel to Italy

When visiting or studying abroad in Israel, something to take advantage of is the cheap airfare available from Israel to Europe. The flights to most European countries are significantly cheaper from Israel than they are from America, so if you’re looking to take a mini Euro-trip, now is the time. With access to Europe at such a cheap price, it is your chance to finally visit Florence and Rome. 

Pro-tip: if you choose to visit Italy, fly into Rome.

The Fiumicino/Leonardo De Vinci airport is a big international airport with more frequent flights to and from Israel than the smaller airport in Florence. Therefore, it costs less to fly into Rome. From Rome, you can take a high-speed train to any city you want to visit in Italy. A great alternative to a hotel is an Airbnb. You can stay in an Airbnb apartment for as little as $35 a night, depending on how many friends you are splitting the place with.

If you plan to visit Florence, which is in the Tuscany region, we recommend going on a wine tour. Bus2alps and other companies organize tours that take you to several wineries in Tuscany. It is a fun day with beautiful views and delicious wine. In case you intend to plan a trip with Bus2Alps, be sure to use our promo code (ALLTHINGSABROAD) for a great discount!

In Florence, take advantage of the amazing views and the beautiful historic sights. Go to happy hour at a restaurant on the Ponte Vecchio, climb the Duomo, and get a heart shaped pie at Gusta Pizza.