How to spend a weekend in Jerusalem

You can't visit Israel without a trip to Jerusalem. If you are based in Tel Aviv, the train to Jerusalem is 20 Shekels, or 5 USD, and is safe and fast. If you are going for a weekend, try to get to Jerusalem on Thursday night, so you can go out to the many bars on Ben Yehuda Street. These bars will be filled with students because no one has class on Fridays.

Spend Friday afternoon at Machane Yehuda, the “shuk,” in Jerusalem. The famous marzipan rugelach is guaranteed to be one of the best pastries you will ever eat. The shuk is busy and exciting on a Friday, with everyone running around preparing for Shabbat. From there, you can take a walk through the old city and go visit the Western Wall. During the day on Saturday, most things will be closed for Shabbat, but it’s a good time to walk around and tour the city by foot.


Spending a weekend in Jerusalem is guaranteed to be a unique experience that will make you fall in love with Israel and Israeli culture.