How to spend a weekend in Krabi, Thailand

Presenting you with everything you need to know in order to have a fantastic weekend in the best part of Thailand.


Where to stay:

If you are on a tight budget, then Slumber Party Hostel is the place to stay. Cheap, clean, and SO much fun. It is like camp for adults. No one over the age of 35 is allowed to stay there and they encourage partying. Every night they hold games of flip cup and organize bar crawls and island tours.

If you feel like slightly splurging, then you can stay in a beautiful villa with your own infinity pool right on the beach for a lot cheaper than you would expect.


What to do:

Tiger Cave: only do this if you are in amazing shape. There are 1,200 really steep steps to the top of the temple, but it is worth it if you can make it up there alive. This is the highest point in Krabi and it offers amazing views of the surrounding land. Watch out for the monkeys, they steal any food you have and sometimes your water bottles.

Railay Beach: this is a must-visit. This is the beach you have probably seen on post cards of Thailand. You will most likely need to take a water taxi there. West Railay is where to go to relax all day with a giant coconut. Phra Nang, also part of Railay beach, is definitely worth checking out too. At the end of the beach they have a penis cave, which is literally a cave filled with statues of penises that is supposed to represent fertility. You can also climb through the rocks at the end to access a secret swimming spot.

Poda Island: this is where to go if you are feeling adventurous. Here, you can free climb the rocks and jump off. 

Tonsai Beach: While there are definitely more popular beaches in the area, it is still worth checking out the beautiful views and this interesting little town. This is where one would go to have a magic shake (if that is what you are into).

Blue Lagoon: This is also something you should only do if you are in great shape or are up for a serious challenge. It involves a very steep hike with ropes, but ends at a beautifully blue lagoon with amazing views.


Where to go out:

Pretty much anywhere is fun if you are with the right crowd. Most of the bars are pretty small and you will probably spend the night hopping from place to place. Here are our favorite spots: 

-Chang Bar (this place is SO fun)

-Roots Rock Reagge Bar

-Amy’s Bar

-Smile Bar

-Bamboo Bar